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Squids - Sailors
Zoomies - Air Force
Jarheads - Marines
Puddle Pirates - Coast Guard
GIs - Soldiers
Nah, Soldiers are Grunts or Ground Pounders.
I think "ground pounders" is a specifically USAF term towards its parent's service. Like "leg" is used by parachute school qualified soldiers to describe all others or the armored force calls dismounted soldiers "crunchies".

I think "dog face" as a term has a history three times as long as "grunts". Legend goes that as the frontier towns built up around Army forts became more secure signs went up around town stating "soldiers and dogs keep off of the grass" to keep the Black and Irish soldiers away. In the Audie Murphy Story you can hear the US 3rd Infantry Division's song about dog face soldiers. And the communities around the post entrances full of "rent to own" stores, pawn shops, strip clubs and trailer parks are still called "dog towns"
thanks to this interesting thread. I was curious about that expression 'dogtown'.
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