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Re: whatever happened to these characters?

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I've been watching both Sherlock and Elementary lately, and the got me wondering, has anything been done with Moriarty since they stuck him in his little cube thing?
What about Tom Riker, post Dominion War? I haven't read the book, but I know he was in Imzadi II, although I believe that was either before or during the Dominion War.

I don't think anything's been mentioned (maybe the cube was destroyed in Generations) about Moriarty.

But, according to Memory Beta, "Fallen Gods" says that many believe that Thomas Riker died in the prison camp, but nothing had been confirmed.

Of course Thomas Riker did show up in the Millennium Trilogy in command of the USS Opaka.

But for the op, they might want to check out Diane Carey's 1996? novel Ship Of The Line, since Captain Bateson was the first captain of the new Enterprise-E.
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