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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Well, my main (Thalia) has added the USS Niflheim to her fleet:

And, quite frankly, I'm slightly dissapointed at the performance, though this is only a single parse (ISE):

6538 TDPS.
That's just about what I averaged with the Hermes-F (though I had one freak 8k occurence back in S5); which doesn't add up: this thing has one more Turret.

Don't get me wrong, the same DPS as the Hermes with more survivability (more Hull, potential for a 3rd Field Gen) and much better versatility (Gravity Well!) is nothing to scoff at, but on paper it should be slightly stronger.
On the other hand, the Speed is a good surprise: although it's supposed to be slower than other Escorts, the +5 Engine Power does help mitigate some of the Impulse Mod loss; in fact, I wonder if it's not faster!
I'll have to check (for future reference: 31 Impulse @57/25 Engine Power).
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