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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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  • Lights of Zetar, in the teaser (add either description of what is happening onscreen with the cue, or the timing when the cue starts). Sounds like "Force Field" from Where No Man, but it seems to end differently.
Questions like this, though, are easy enough to answer. The original GNP album presented that cue and Silver Orbs separately. They were recorded separately so that made sense (Monster Illusion and Monster Fight in The Cage was changed this same way). For this box set, certain cues were joined to reflect how they were presented in the episodes they were composed for. Lights of Zetar used the original cues from Where No Man Has Gone Before, not library versions. So the ending you hear in that episode is how the cue was originally recorded.

A lot of changes in the box set are made editorially to match original on screen usage. Whether one prefers that approach is another story and an individual preference.
If that is the case, then music is missing. You could not re-create the complete soundtracks to tracked episodes like Lights of Zetar from the box set because the cue is truncated if indeed the cue is taken from Where No Man. So wherever an episode reuses a cue, you will possibly have missing music since you only have the complete cues for specific episodes that are included in the box set, not for additional uses in the series.
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