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Behind the scenes: When a fan visited the set

These images are from an old magazine that documented the visit of Peggye (who added the 'e' to her name in high school "just to be different") Vickers to the set of Star Trek. She was a 27-year-old from Garland, Texas that Leonard Nimoy invited to the set and to his home. He even sent her a plane ticket! Pretty cool stuff. Images 7 and 8 are from the same shot but were put on two different pages of the magazine, so a small amount was lost in the crease. This material is from an old scrapbook that I bought about ten years ago and the magazines were not taken apart all that carefully by whoever made the scrapbook, but at least the images have survived. In the transporter platform shot, notice how strong Nimoy's resemblance is to Quinto.

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