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Re: How was Liz Sladen's death handled on Sarah Jane Adventures?

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Whatever has happened in other cases, I do think a revamped SJA would have changed its title based on whoever the lead was, possibly after a final and transitional SJA special.
Maybe, maybe not. One could argue the same thing Sindatur just said about Blake -- that even without Sarah Jane, the team would still be fulfilling her mission and her legacy.

One could also argue that Torchwood was an "Artifact Title" by the time of Miracle Day, since Torchwood had ceased to exist as an organization by that time. So it's not unprecedented even within this franchise.

The reason there are so many "Artifact Titles" is that titles aren't really about conveying accurate information about content, they're about promotion and name recognition. Keeping the same title is a way of saying that it's the same series, that even with a cast change, the viewer will still be getting basically the same experience. Changing the title would mean having to start over from scratch in the name-recognition game.

So yeah, maybe they would've changed the show's title, depending on how they revamped it. But there would've been good arguments in favor of keeping the original title.

Really, though, ending the series was probably the right thing to do under the circumstances. Especially if Daniel Anthony and Anjli Mohindra were planning to move on anyway at the end of series 5.
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