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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I have been waiting for this set for a long time, and obviously I wanted the music.
Sure. All of us have: our whole lives, basically.

I think the constructive thing to do would be to list the cues that we have questions about, or that we are having trouble finding: episode and location in episode, plus cue that it resembles. So for example, the Force Field question that Warlord raised, we would say:
  • Lights of Zetar, in the teaser (add either description of what is happening onscreen with the cue, or the timing when the cue starts). Sounds like "Force Field" from Where No Man, but it seems to end differently.
...or whatever.

Then with a list like that, we can try to identify where the cue might be in the box set. Or, maybe someone who knows something (like IndySolo or Jeff Bond) will come along in the thread and tackle questions. I think we can do that without starting from the presumption that people were lying and stuff was omitted etc etc.

That's a course of action much more likely to generate answers at some point down the road, as more of us get involved in trying to track down cues, I think.
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