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Re: On Board the USS Enterprise

I don't want to belittle the efforts to produce a book/product like this. It looks very nice. But...

After a couple decades, the Ent-D has been very very well covered already. Schematics, diagrams, blueprints, illustrations, tech manuals... both official and fan-produced. What's new that can be brought to the table at this point?

And now seeing some of the actual pages-- oh boy.

Pictures with captions indicating
"this is the warp core"
"this is the master systems display"
"this is the captain's chair, this is where Picard sat"

Who is this book for? After 25 years, even casual fans know what the captain's chair is and where the warp nacelles are. Even if we didn't pay for it, what's the interest in seeing pictures of the bridge showing us where Data was stationed, at the Ops console?

We fans don't already know rudimentary stuff like this?
We should pay for it? How is it new or exciting for us?

If this came out in the 1990s, I could understand the interest. But not now, not without something *never before seen* about the Ent-D.

I guess there are noobs that are maybe just coming into TNG now and this book would be interesting.

But for an old fart veteran fan like me, this stuff is old old news. Nice effort but nothing new for me.

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