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Re: Trek Lit Featuring The Sheliak?

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No, I don't remember them ever appearing.

By the way, it may be worth noting that Sheliak is the Arabic name for Beta Lyrae, the semidetached binary star that was featured in TAS: "The Slave Weapon" (and of course "The Soft Weapon," the Known Space novella it was based on). Although "The Slaver Weapon" portrayed it as an uninhabited system, and of course there's no way such a turbulent, short-lived binary supergiant could support life. Perhaps the Sheliak are called that by the Federation because they hail from the sector of space that contains Beta Lyrae.
Which is exactly where Geoffrey Mandel placed them in Star Charts. You can see it on the giant fold-out map at the back, in the "Known Space" inset. A good long ways away from the main body of the UFP.
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