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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

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If somebody made 2001 today, it would be re-imagined so that the Monolith blows up the Moon, Discovery is on a mission of revenge, the interiors look like a factory basement with leaking steam pipes, Bowman is a drunk, Poole is a convicted child molester and their uniforms are leather bondage gear.

Ain't that the truth!

The Lost Worlds of 2001. I have it and refer to it often. The best parts are the lost chapters from the novel that describe the alien civilization behind the Monolith and their representative Clindar. "Skyrock," "Cosmopolis" et cetera. They are among the most exotic and wonderful descriptions of alien worlds that I've ever read.

That's the one! Yeah, that book contained some great stuff. As you may have gathered, ACC was just about my favorite SF writer, and I have over two dozen of his books in our library. I'm also one of the people who actually liked 2010: Oddsey Two when it first came out. I was working for Waldenbooks at the time, and just about geeked out when I read in Publisher's Weekly that Del Rey had signed a deal with Sir Arthur to write this book. It was one of my most heavily anticipated novels-I-want-to-read from that time.

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