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Re: Why Bother moving the Nacelles?

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Well I've always wondered why the Intrepid class was the only class that we saw on screen that had moveable nacelles.
Well, two basic possibilities: it's something related to the other ways in which the Intrepid is unique, or it's not.

If the former, we have three unique things to choose from:

1) This baby can land.
2) This baby is exceptionally agile, at least at sublight.
3) This baby is exceptionally fast at warp.

Flapping nacelles might be related to any of these, or perhaps allow the ship to have more than one of the above when non-flapping ships have to make compromises between the properties.

Timo Saloniemi
That is also very true,in addition to the subspace damage issue,i watched an interview with Rick Sternbach and Dan curry,they both stated that Voyager or the Intrepid Class was designed to look agile,since it as gonna be the fastest ship in the Fleet,they also talk about why it looks the way it does,not just random but because of high speed and maneuverability and landing/atmospheric flight.
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