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Re: Firefly first-time/rewatch (NO SPOILERS, please)

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This would have made a better movie, but that's to fill in all the insanity with explanations. It does bother me WHY in this huge hospital no one else is in the morgue and no one else is in or using the imaging chamber. It's just conveniently empty and not a tech in sight. But I still enjoyed it!

I think the most telling part is in the end:

JAYNE: What're you gonna tell the others?

MAL: About what?

JAYNE: About why I'm dead.

MAL:I hadn't thought about it.

JAYNE: Make something up. Don't tell 'em
what I did.

Mal stares at him for a bit and then closes the outer door. I think Jayne's remorse and that he actually cares what people think of him confirmed for him whatever suspicion of good he had about the man. Though it does boggle the mind a bit as they could have all ended up dead thanks to his betrayal.
Considering how Jayne joined Mal originally, you'd think Mal couldn't be too surprised.
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