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Re: Tough Little Ships

Mage wrote: View Post
Nova class? About the same size as a Sabre, according to most fleet charts.
What sort of role is the ship supposed to have? Defense? Patrol? Scout?
The Nova-Class Refit is also a possibility.

The ship is really to be an all-rounder, docked at the station until needed, then sent out to conduct reconnaissance, escort, transportation, etc. Adaptable is really the main criteria.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
If canon doesn't matter, just create your own class.
I did think that but I'd like to have some visuals to go with it. Specs I can devise myself (its one thing I enjoy making up when I take on new ships). It nothing really fits, this is always a good fall back point.

Timo and MasterArminas, thanks for the links. I'll investigate further.
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