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Re: Tough Little Ships

How about the Hayden-class by Michael Bosshca (aka, BorgMan)? She's a fan design, not canon, but she has the FEEL of a canon ship, post-VOY.

She's a scout and the 3-d meshes of her on that page are pretty neat. She's small (131 meters in length, with a beam of 54 meters, and height of just 29 meters; 6 decks). She's got a core crew of only 25 officers and men and is pretty freaking fast (cruise at Warp 8.2, hits 9.92 flank, and 9.995 emergency full). Armament consists of two torpedo launchers (one fore, one aft) capable of handling quantum torps (but limited magazine space), and four phaser strip arrays (fluff says five, but I can only see four on the model).

Or the Harrier class from the same page. The Harrier has a deck layout schematic and is pretty cool, even if she isn't as sleek or fast as the Hayden. She's even smaller, but carries three phaser strips and two (forward-firing) torpedo tubes (quantum capable).

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