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Re: 2001 on the Big Screen

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I've always wanted to see 2061 on the big screen, maybe one day they'll get around to filming it. Although, I want it to be good. 2010 was a disappointment.
If you want it to be good, the director will have to stray quite far away from the novel.
You know, that's something worth considering. Both of the movies to date had considerable input from Arthur C. Clarke. The original book and movie were parallel projects developed simultaneously, a full collaboration between Clarke and Kubrick, although the two versions of the story went in very different directions reflecting their creators' distinct sensibilities (the novel explains everything in meticulous detail, the film avoids explaining anything). 2010 was a book first, but Peter Hyams corresponded extensively with Clarke over email (which was still quite a novelty at the time), so the author still contributed a lot to the content of the film.

But now Clarke is no longer with us, so any further film adaptations would be unable to avail themselves of his participation and guidance. It just wouldn't be the same.
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