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Re: Cover and blurb for TOS: The Weight of Worlds

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It's not that unusual to see something originate from one licensee and then get used elsewhere. Images from the Haynes Manuals, IDW (and indeed various other comics), the QUOGs and Trexels sub-brands, etc have all appeared on a variety of different products.
True story. Years ago, when I edited the novelization of GARGANTUA (this TV-movie knockoff of GODZILLA), I had to use the art from toy packaging on the cover, because that was the only approved image available at the time.

So, yeah, it's not unusual for the same tie-in art to pop up on different products.
Just a matter of time until a novel starring a Chelon demands the use of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Starfleet uniform action figures grace a book's cover then :P
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