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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

I have fixed some continuity errors in the earlier posts; mainly dealing with ranks where I started calling someone one rank and then it changed. My bad.

And since I have never before done this for any of my stories (but have been asked, here is a little bonus package to help keep things straight. I will update this as new characters get introduced.

Dramatis Personae

Commander Mathias Lorne. Callsign "Gremlin". A native of the colony of Scorpia in his late 40s, Commander Lorne is the commanding officer of Battlestar Scorpia. Rather short (just 5' 7") he is heavily built with a frame that has a tendancy to turn muscle to fat quite quickly if he lets it. He had a wife and two daughters on Scorpia before the Holocaust.

Colonel Thomas Jayne. Callsign "Torch". Born and raised on Tauron, Colonel Jayne is the man who keeps Scorpia running at peak efficiency as the executive officer. He has never married, but had numerous brothers and sisters and nephews and neices on Tauron. Tom Jayne is 44.

Major Samantha Caldwell. CO of Battlestar Anubis

Major Marius Tycle. Callsign "Doghouse". Operations officer and third in command.

Major John Banaeck. Callsign "Rambler". Senior Viper pilot and CAG aboard Scorpia.

Major Denise Church. Engineering officer of Scorpia.

Captain Liam Aisne. CO of Scorpia's Marine company.

Captain Paul Cook. Tactical/gunnery officer of Scorpia.

Captain Joan Danis. From Aquaria, the willowy red-head is the resident electrical/computer wizard of Scorpia's crew, and serves as the DRADIS officer, as well as handling communications. She is in her late 20s and was engaged, with plans to marry after the end of her tour in four months times. Her mother, sister, and twin nieces died on Aquaria.

Captain Hope Fairchild. Callsign "Digger". Viper pilot and CO of Blue Squadron.

Captain Stefan Greene. Callsign "Sidewinder". Native of Virgon. Commander of the Raptor Squadron aboard Scorpia.

Lieutenant Shiro Gian. Supply Officer aboard Scorpia

Lieutenant Andrew Martens. Callsign "Jester". Raptor pilot and XO of the Raptor Squadron.

Lieutenant (j.g.) Michael Jamussa. Callsign "Kaboose". EWO aboard a Raptor.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Daniel Sinclair. Chief of the Flight Deck and senior NCO for Scorpia.

Anton Laveride. Head of the Laveride Syndicate; deceased

Jon Namer. Leader of Saggitaron Freedom Movement survivors

Doctor Neil Sarris. A native of Picon, the head of the scientific research team is in his early '50s. A humanist often at odds with the military crew of the Battlestar, he is (nonetheless) not a pacificist and realizes the need for men and weapons of war. He is an astrophysicist by training.

Daniel. A traumatized young man adopted by the Saggitaron Freedom Movement and Battlestar Anubis. An artist and a painter.

That is what I've got for now. I will update this list as new characters appear.


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