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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Working on call-signs for the pilots. Right now I have got the following:

Angel, Arclight, Axe, Backfire, Banshee, Blaster, Bones, Breaker, Buster, Candyman, Chainsaw, Chutes, Cocktail, Digger, Doghouse, Dutch, Eight-Ball, Firefly, Ghost, Gremlin, Hardcase, Hard-Six, Heater, Jester, Juggler, Juice, Jumper, Kaboose, Mace, Maddog, Packrat, Pancake, Pappy, Poacher, Rambler, Ratchet, Rattler, Razor, Redeye, Reverend, Ripcord, Ruffles, Saint, Scorch, Shaft, Sidewinder, Skids, Slapshot, Spitfire, Sweets, Tally, Tassels, Thumper, Thunder, Torch, Trigger, Vandal, Voodoo, Whiplash, Wrongway, Zapper, and Zipper.

EDIT: Removed Jammer and Showboat; both were used aboad either Galactica or Pegasus. Added Hardcase and Gremlin by Antagonist. Added Banshee, Buster, Jumper, Ratchet, and Zapper by Centron. Added Juice (instead of Steroid) by QQ.

Now, I've got 60 Viper Pilots, 8 Raptor Pilots, 8 Raptor EWOs, and 12 Shuttle crew to get call-signs for. That is 88 in total. I've got 62, so I need another 28 (at least another 28; Commander Lorne and Colonel Jayne are former pilots as well and there are others among the crew as well). Any suggestions? Any that you hate? Any not fit the universe? No duplicates of ones from BSG, Razor, The Plan, or Blood & Chrome, please (and let me know if I duplicated any).

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