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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Viper Mk VI

I am using this version of the Viper Mk VII seen late in the series as the earlier Mk VI. It is shorter than the Mk VII and probably lacked some of the electronics, although it carried three KEWs just like the latter Viper. I know that it is (in canon) technically just another (different) look of a Mk VII, but I am having it as Pegasus turning out the "simpler" Mk VI once their stocks of parts for the Mk VIIs start running low.

Valyrie Images

This is what little data I've managed to assemble on her (most is pure conjecture):

Overall Length: 725 meters
Crew: ~1500 (including 100 Marines and 120 flight crew)
Air Wing (at full strength): 60 Mk VI Vipers, 8 Raptors, 4 Shuttles (30 Vipers, 4 Raptors, and 2 Shuttles per Flight Pod)
Armament: 12 Twin Heavy KEW (Kinetic Energy Weapons) Turrets, 2 Twin Heavy KEW/Missile Launch Turrets, 26 Twin Light KEW Turrets, 60 Point-Defense Batteries (4 guns per battery), 6 VLS Missile Silos (Space-to-surface), 4 Missile Tubes (Anti-Ship)

I am not a Battlestar Galactica geek by any means. I watched the shows, but I am no expert. So if you see something wrong; tell me. I don't mind advice.

The Orion and Hekla class ships (my name, because we are never told what class Prometheus belonged to in the civilian fleet). And the Scylla/Cybele type of transport . . . because that will be coming up shortly.

Orion-class Battlestar and Battlestar Osiris with more pictures.

Prometheus-type Freighter

Cybele/Scylla-type transport

The Kimba Huta-class, known as the Kimba Huta type in canon. Galactica's rag-tag fleet had at least THREE of this class: Kimba Huta, Gememon Traveler, and Thera Sita. So it must have been pretty common.


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