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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

That MTT Droid Fighter was a good purchase. I cracked it open to play around with the figures and vehicle and the Hasbro people were does fit into the larger MTT Troop Transport. It goes into the rear droid compartment and deploys from the opening hatch.

The Blue Pilot himself doesn't have much articulation but he's well sculpted and fits well inside the Fighter's cockpit (although the cockpit is probably a wee bigger than it needs to be so the droid slides around a little, but on the bright side there's enough room for a larger figure if you prefer giving the thing a different pilot) and the detailing and stickers depicting the control panel and readouts are pretty good for a vehicle this small.

This thing has very good play value. I'm impressed. They really did a good job designing this Fighter to be interactive with the larger electronic vehicle it attaches to. It's a shame the Fighter is based purely on Hasbro concepts or Lucasfilm concept art and never appeared in Episode I....some small, heavily armed droid fighters swooping out of the skies and strafing the Gungans would have made the Naboo Plains battle even cooler.
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