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Logical conclusions and superhero universes

Most mainstream superhero universes limit the impact of superheroes so that they remain largely 'the world outside my window' - there have been a few notable exceptions such as 'Fantastic four: Big Town' which look at the possible impacts of advanced technology on an alternative Marvel Universe and also WildCats 3.0 which looked at how Spartan used advanced technology to try and change the world (by inventing things such as unlimited batteries).

So if the marvel and DC universes were real - what sort of social/technological changes would you expect to see? (leaving aside the fact that earth would be a likely hell-hole with a wrecked economy if everything wasn't destroyed)

Off the top of my head -

* Moon would surely be inhabited by mankind, if not further given that humans routinely have access to FTL technology

* The question of Alien life would be a settled one - surely only such much "it's a fake" that people can suggest given the amount of evidence in both worlds

* Energy would be cheap and plentiful

* Religious matters would be even more disputed than now - with people claiming that characters like Thor are demons and the like

* Increased numbers of people worships polytheistic religions?
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