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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

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I thought the scenes with a chemo-bald Roslin in bed with Adama were the single most romantic thing I've ever seen on a screen.
I found their final scene together very touching, and this is coming from someone who thinks that they should probably both have been lined up and shot an episode or two earlier. (Well, airlocked in the case of Roslin.)

Battlestar Galactica's value is more in short-term drama, exploration of hypothetical situations and exceptional delivery than it is in consistent narrative (at which it arguably fails spectacularly in terms of both story and characterisation). It's kind of like Breaking Bad with more 'splosions and a greater number of scumbags.

Seasons one and two are broadly considered to be the show's best period, and there's plenty of evidence for that. The intent was to reinvent TV space opera, and so there's more in the way of situational quasi-realism (finite resources, limited choices, immense pressure, no deus-ex-Machina technobabble) and behavioural naturalism (characters reacting less as if they were psychologically impervious and more like you would expect a real person to). The last, in my opinion, mutated into behavioural pseudo-naturalism as the show progressed and became more contrived. It became a case of having to jump through mental hoops in order to understand how a group of characters could actually be that delusional, vicious and self-destructive.

Personally, I think DS9 got the approach to storytelling just about right. Their problems aren't all just going away, but the stories exist as truth told through myth and with the attendant benefits of a fantastical setting. The protagonists behave better than they are obliged to, and I can just imagine how Sisko would react to the way things are done aboard the Galactica were Q to snap his fingers and allow him to trade places with Adama. Janeway I'm not so sure about. I think that if she swapped with Roslin then she'd make a pretty good job of it, considering the catastrophic effects of the latter's bigotry.

And either of them would need a good reason not to throw Helo in the brig or do something more permanent to him, but that's just common sense.
"Fantasy is an exercise bicycle for the mind. It might not take you anywhere, but it tones up the muscles that can." - Terry Pratchett.
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