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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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^Cast No Shadow, is a great book and in my top three favorite Trek books of all time. What did you think of it TJ?
It's unequivocally the best Trek novel I've read in a very, very long time. I don't know if I'd put it in my Top 5, but it's definitely a top 10 contender. A most worthy sequel to The Undiscovered Country, and something that makes Valeris a much more interesting character to me than she was in the film itself. And that little nod to The Ashes of Eden made me really happy, too.

It was the first one I'd actually finished since reading A Singular Destiny when it came out. *That* was a really good book,but the next couple I tried to read after that were clunkers (to me). Inception and The Soul Key. Couldn't get past the first couple chapters of either, and it put me off reading Trek for quite a while. I think I tried Unspeakable Truth, too, but by that time I just wasn't in the mood and put it aside. I was behind on Titan and Vanguard and none of the post-Destiny stuff coming out sparked an interest at the time, either.

It was kind of the same reaction I had with the early "TNG relaunch" books. The only one of those I really liked was KRAD's Q & A, and after forcing myself to get through Before Dishonor and then DS9's Fearful Symmetry, I kinda gave up onTrek novels until A Singular Destiny.

So anyway, it'd been what, almost four yearstaking a break from Trek lit. And then, after finishing up the main sequence of The Camulod Chronicles and waiting for the new Dresden Files book to come out, I figured I'd give Cast No Shadow a chance. Really, really glad I did. It was a library book, but I'm definitely going to get my own copy soon and put it on the shelf next to Sarek and The Ashes of Eden (my TUC sequel section had long ago been purged of the god-awful A Fearful Summons). And it gave me enough renewed interest and energy to try the Typhon Pact books and a few other things. I'd say of those initial four, Seize the Fire was the one I enjoyed the most, overall, for many reasons.

I'd be reading Vanguard: Open Secrets right now, but my copy is boxed up right now, along with almost all the other books I own. My basement got flooded when Sandy hit, and it'll be another couple of weeks before everything's back together and I can start to unpack. Thank God for libraries. I picked up Indistinguishable From Magic, Plagues of Night, Raise the Dawn and Brinkmanship from the library today, along with Steven King's It.

ThinkI should put Children of Kings and/or Troublesome Minds on reserve? Like I said, Inception didn't really do it for me, and honestly, neither did That Which Divides. The latter really had nothing wrong with it, I just wasn't that into the story since "That Which Survives" was never one of my favorite episodes. I normally like TOS books, but I'm kinda wary of them right now.

On Chapter 2 of Indistinguishable right now. So far so good. Oh, and I'm assuming Taurik being a Lieutenant again was just a minor editorial lapse?

I am glad you enjoyed the book and see it as a top ten Trek novel. I could not agree more. Also a big welcome back to Trek lit I hope you keep finding the books you enjoy. Here is a link to Sho's list of BBS rated Trek books: It may help you find the best ones.
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