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Re: Star Trek: Outreach - "And So It Begins..."

I was thinking of having a orbital office style facility over Cardassia Prime to manages the task force from, but thought that would increase resentment among Cardassians, having Starfleet lord it over them from on high. Their mission is as much about building a better relationship with the Cardassians than it is restoring damaged cities and ships.

I then thought they could tow in an old dilapidated base from somewhere else and use that. But aside from a couple of instances in the last two years, Empok Nor has been abandoned and left alone. To me it makes as much sense to reactivate it than it would towing another base in or building one from scratch.

It may be a bit of fanwank, but we're all entitled every now and then

I am glad you enjoyed it though, in spite of that fact.
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