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Re: why is s6 > s7 ?

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Personel taste, I think the best run of episode was in the mid part of the show seasons three through five. Not saying season six and seven are bad, just that they had more average episodes.
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My pure conjecture is that they lost their focus and began winding down seeing the end come. The last season seemed a little assembly line, a little dull, and a little distracted to me. I think a lot of series tend to get dull in later seasons too comfortable with themselves and having lost some of the fire and new ideas of earlier seasons. S7 had some pretty unique episodes but they sort of just fell flat with me. And some of TPTB I remember saying were distracted putting together GEN.
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I thought seasons six and seven were both really poor.
Lance wrote: View Post
Chalk it up as "your milage may vary". Speaking personally, I do agree with what Tosk says above, and feel that there was definitely a broad dip in quality in the last two seasons, as if in some ways the team was becoming creatively bankrupt in terms of what they could bring to TNG. And as Bad Atom says, it is also not unrelated to DS9 just starting up. It's perfectly natural that a greater amount of the available resources were going towards the new boy rather than the established favorite.
Is any of this really relevant, however? Let's return to some substantive discussion, please...
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