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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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The need for money IMHO would come up any time something is scarce.
You would also need money for times that you want other people to do things for you. To engage in activities that you can't do, like say doctors or other professionals. To perform actions you need done far away from where you are, that can't be done where you are, like mining (there's a fair amount of mining on the show). To do things you don't wish to do, because they are dangerous or time consuming.

Or pay someone to prepare you a meal, and walk it out to your table overlooking the sunset bay.

There are other uses for money other than scarcity.

In the US many fast-food places will give you free water and water cups. Banks will give you free pins.
But the modern restaurants and banks did pay for these things originally (including the water) from their suppliers. In the case of banks, the pens are not "free," they are "advertising." In the case of the restaurants, other items on the menu are priced to compensate the restaurant's operating costs for the "free" items (cups and water).

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Everyone always seems to throw maslow out the window in this debate.
I've been on this board since mid 2009, and Abraham Maslow is rarely mentioned. So it not a matter of his idea being discounted, his hypothesis just doesn't enter into the discussion. I don't really see how you think it to be relevant.

it usually seems to fall deep into a complete mess where by everyone is considering the past of humanity and not the future
What is being considered is basic Human psychology, and the ways we have organized (relatively) stable patterns of human activity for many thousands of years. And the ways we've done this across the world, even in communities in extreme isolation. We're unlikely to fundamentally change who and what we are as a people in a small number of centuries.

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