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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Just finished reading Smallville Season 11 #28, part one of the monthly "Effigy" spin off series that will be released on non regular series dates. I believe issue two will be released on Feb 1.

This was awesome. It starts off with Superman and J'onn starting the construction of what looks to be the future JLA Watchtower on the Moon. Clark hands J'onn "Double Stuffed" Oreos. Then we get a few panels where we see John Jones in his human Detective guise helping out a neighbour, and a trigger where we see the death of his family. Then we go to Gotham where Batman and Nightwing are taking down "mutant scum" (clearly a nod to The Dark Knight Returns Mutant Gang) but Babs is injured or infected by someone and is taking back to the Batcave (which we see for the first time in all it's glory...I very much doubt we would see it in the show) and Alfred. Babs is placed in a healing tank (think Star Wars) while Bruce analyses who attacked her and discovers it of alien origin, the issue ends with the appearance of John in the cave

The art was absolutely awesome in this issue. The best it's been in the book.
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