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Re: Rate 2012 in Trek lit

Ups and downs really. DRGIII and David Mack rocked, Christopher's DTI novel was very good (although I liked the first one better).
Una's novel was so and so to me, it wasn't as strong as The Neverending Sacrifice. Fallen Gods was down right dirty and nasty. The Eternal Tide.... I said it before, I'll say it again, time for a reread. Didn't like the way Janeway was brought back and how Eden was bumped out of the series. I started to like Eden really.
I didn't read the TOS novels this year, not a big fan of TOS really. But I might try some of the TOS novels this year, since Vanguard really got me into that particulair era of Trek.

So yeah, above average I guess. Mostly thanks to DRGIII, Mack and Bennett.
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