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Re: Atlas Shrugged

stj wrote: View Post
Christians firmly believe that they are being persecuted, that even Christmas is under attack. And that's just a specific subset of the conservative mentality.
I'm a Christian and I'm not conservative and do not believe that I'm being persecuted. And I don't really care about Christmas, to be honest.

Admiral2 wrote: View Post
Nobody watched or critiqued these movies as just "a lover of cinema." You're deluding yourself if you think your politics had nothing to do with your opinion.
Honestly, around here, Ayn Rand is a complete nonentity. No one has heard of her, no one reads her books and her ideas have no political influence whatsoever.

And yes, I'm perfectly able to tell the difference between my politics and my taste for cinema. There are movies that I quite enjoy, even though I don't agree with their message or point of view.
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