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I love 2061,and 3001 was good, if a little disappointing (in Clarke terms, anyway). But I don't know if 2061 would make a good movie on its own. Too esoteric. 3001 would be great, though. It's a shame Tom Hanks never got to make it. That guy who played McCoy in nuTrek would make a good Frank Poole.

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A film adaptation of "3001" would be accused of ripping off Independence Day without the inclusion of any butt-hole jokes.
Well, Independence Day ripped off Childhood's End-- at least in terms of visuals. And the finale of 3001 actually made sense, unlike the impossible shenanigans of ID.
Yes, I agree now you mention it - Karl Urban does look quite a bit like Gary Lockwood - so who will JJ get to play Gary Mitchell if he ever chooses to remake that plot?

The ending in the book of 3001 would seem very anticlimactic and lame when depicted on film, however - no ginormous explosions, no alien invasion fleet of shiny spaceships drifting powerlessly in space at the mercy of our primitive Earth technology - just a host of black monoliths disintegrating unspectacularly. The financial backers might also not be too keen to have any depiction of future religion (deists and theists) discussed onscreen.
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