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Re: Critical care: Satire on socialized medicine?

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The problem with everyone paying into a communal fund to provide for everyone is that not everyone pays into it yet still reap the benefits of everyone else's work.
You know, at some point, one has to move on past the pettiness.
"Waaah, I have to pay and X doesn't, yet X also benefits, it's soooo unfair!" is such a childish way to look at things, quite frankly.
Not to mention quite heartless.
If X is suffering, then we should help X, regardless of his/her ability to pay the bill when all is said and done.

JirinPanthosa: No offense, but... no, you do not get to spin socialism into its polar opposite and still get taken seriously.
It's called sustainability. If the system will carry those who won't contribute, less and less people are going to contribute. That's human nature. That increases the burden on the people who do, until it gets unsustainable.

To say nothing of the fact that the more "free" health care gets, the lesser quality and longer waits you get.
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