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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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I wonder what it would be like for a James Bond film to be billed as not made for James Bond fans or if Serenity were billed as not for Firefly fans or if a Star Wars films was billed as "not for Star Wars fans."
Well, Serenity was a box office bomb only generating a 39 million dollar worldwide gross.

After you factor in advertising and theater share, it lost a ton of money, much like Star Trek: Nemesis.

And I thought the whole reason they rebooted Bond was to give people a jumping on point in the franchise?
We're talking about two different things here.

Serenity was going to bomb either way. Whedon is (or rather was, since he has made strides with Avengers) primarily a TV guy (who writes chatty TV shows) and the movie shows it. It's a cute film, but it's not really summer blockbuster-type film. And Nemesis was simply terrible.

What I am talking about is how fan films are marketed. JJ has yet again taken the strategic move of speaking of the film as NOT being made for Star Trek fans. This is unfortunate since the first film did well enough that there is no longer any need (if there ever was) to qualify what audiences can expect. People saw the first film, they liked it, so there is no need to assure people.

JJ should simply say that it's a good film or that it is a film that both fans and non-fans will love. Trek fans will still see the movie so he is not losing any $$$ by saying this, but that isn't why I object to putting Trek fans in a corner and telling them that this isn't really made for them (even though they're welcome to enjoy it too). I object to it because it is needless thing to say which contributes to bad feeling and ill-will for the group of people who made it possible for JJ to exploit this known entity.

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