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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

I think my biggest bone of contention is that the franchise seems to have been well... set back decades. I love TOS but that was the beginning of Star Trek, not the core of it. TNG then perfected that type of storytelling and then we got DS9 which took Trek even further forward.

I'd have liked the show to have kept progressing in it's format. As it is, JJ-Trek feels regressive to me. Star Trek can achieve so much more than a cosy nostalgic popcorn blockbuster.

I do firmly believe that one day Trek will return to TV and I hope when it does it gets a creative, intelligent team behind it that want to boldly take the series forwards. Not to keep milking the same limited pool of ideas.

I accept though, that a large portion of this section seemed genuinely excited that fucking Khan was coming back so I won't be on the same page as a lot of people. Or even the same book.
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