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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

The Warlord wrote: View Post opposed to being 'clean'. The original Where No Man Has Gone Before soundtrack release had Force Field and Silver Orbs (Season 1, Disc 1, Track 20) as their original separate tracks (which, for instance, meant we could hear the full end of Force Field, as in The Lights of Zetar teaser).
Well now wait, does that make sense? IndySolo reiterated over and over, that they used the original takes from the recording sessions; and that he used the laserdiscs to confirm which take was actually used in the episode(s). So then theoretically there would be no cues that were later assembled via editing, with only a couple of exceptions, like adding the cello sweetener to Miramanee's Death.

That would indicate that Force Field and Silver Orbs were actually performed together during the Where No Man recording session, running into each other without a break, as heard on the set. Wouldn't it? We keep talking as if there are "original separate tracks", but I don't see why that assumption needs to be true. There may be none, except for alternate takes during rehearsal/recording.

And then if there's a different version of Force Field heard in Lights of Zetar, there should be a corresponding third season library cue in the set. (Unless Courage reworked it into a cue in the Enterprise Incident or Plato's Stepchildren scores.)
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