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I don't recall any dreams where I was part of a starship crew, or anything like that, but the other night I dreamt that I was at a convention. Since I've worked on several conventions in my adult life, that wasn't really very strange. The strange part was that this convention was being held in a giant treehouse. The convention was ending, and first David Gerrold, then KRAD, who had both been guests, came by to hug me good-bye. (That part wasn't strange, either, as I've worked on cons where David and Keith have been guests, and I've socialized with both of them.)

I have no idea what significance the dream had. It was nothing like any of my usual dreams (which I don't often remember). One friend, after I posted about it on Facebook, responded, "Those are all people you like and respect, conventions are fun, which is a concept that works well with being a child again, and tree houses are fun places for kids (And, kids at heart) to play in. It's all about the funz." That works as well as anything else.
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