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I think the funniest thing to me is that there's a movie in 2012 about how trains will save the economy. Trains.
When Atlas Shrugged was originally published in 1957, passenger trains were a huge business. You couldn't change that element of the novel or it would be a completely different story.

Besides, it could still happen.

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. . . The premise itself is decent enough; that a guy comes up with a new kind of steel that can handle massive amounts of heat and pressure, and other companies try to get it out from under him (which is what would really happen). How it was all executed, however, was so poorly done, it's laughable. Especially when you toss in the perpetual motion machine plot device to make it all work.
Yes, I think Ayn Rand was out of her depth when she tried using science fiction concepts (the "free energy" engine, the invisibility screen). Of course, a lot of folks here would say she was out of her depth just writing novels.
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