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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

Has anyone else looked into the significance of her names? Clara means--

Oh, that's right, we've been down that path a few times already.

I suspect Ms. Oswald is deliberately placed. She's there specifically to attract the Doctor's attention for some reason. Either to flush him out or to help him along in solving some greater mystery.

Of course, if the Great Intelligence is part of that mystery, maybe she's actually just a snowman. A mirror of the Doctor's great intellect and personality and doomed to simply "melt" at the end of her character arc.

There simply isn't enough information to go on so far. Clara is cute as a button (whatever that means -- I push buttons all day and I think of few of them as cute), but another hyperactive, super genius could get annoying fast. I'm looking forward to an exploration of the Oswald Mystery, but hope the Doctor's latest companion doesn't where out her welcome before we get to the end.
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