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Re: Getting into Star Trek, what should I watch!??

Update on my foray into Star Trek. Saw a handful of TOS, TNG, two DS9 episodes, and two Enterprise episodes. Plus movies 2 through 4 and the Undiscovered Country.

With all of this taken into account, I must say that I prefer TOS much more than the others so far. The actors and dialogue are much worse imo in TNG and DS9. Sisko in particular is difficult to listen to, and I'm not particularly a fan of Data.

It may just be Kirk and Spock that make me love TOS so much, plus the movies with the original cast are just so entertaining and helped me really like the characters even more. Any tips to get me into TNG and DS9? I wanna enjoy DS9 in particular as I've heard as a continuing series, its the best Star Trek has to offer.
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