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Re: Harrison in the Prime Universe

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The divergence happened the day Jim Kirk was born, so it's pretty likely that most of John Harrison's life happened afterwards.

Unless Harrison is some form of augment, and ages at a slower rate than the average human. But all things being equal, I tend to agree that you're right.
Also, just because I like to be nitpicky:

Universe 1: Kirk through Picard (including when Picard says FC with the Klingons was a disaster)

Universe 2: When the future guys deposit the Klingon in Broken Bow, and...hey now FC doesn't resemble anything like what Picard said.
Same universe. Earth's FC with the Klingons was a disaster and got worse each time Archer and the Klingons met. It also happened centuries before the TNG time frame. So it's two for two regarding Picard's statement.

First Contact wrote:
Centuries ago, a disastrous contact with the Klingon Empire led to decades of war.
The last part is unknown, as we've no idea what happened in the decades between ENT and TOS. We also don't know which first contact with Klingons Picard was refering too. Could have been the first contact between the Klingons and Vulcan for all we know.

Finally, the guy who wrote the line in "First Contact" said Enterprise's take works fine with what was said. You may know him as My Name Is Legion, but mostly we call him "Dennis".
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