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Re: Harrison in the Prime Universe

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The divergence happened the day Jim Kirk was born, so it's pretty likely that most of John Harrison's life happened afterwards.

Unless Harrison is some form of augment, and ages at a slower rate than the average human. But all things being equal, I tend to agree that you're right.
Also, just because I like to be nitpicky:

Universe 1: Kirk through Picard (including when Picard says FC with the Klingons was a disaster)

Universe 2: When the future guys attack the Klingon in Broken Bow, and...hey now FC doesn't resemble anything like what Picard said.

Universe 3: When Future Guy saves the NX-Enterprise, from a fate he says originally happened. (btw, My theory on who Future Guy was? Archer.)

Universe 4: 7 million Earthers are killed.

Now how many of these, if any, are predestination paradoxes? No clue. Which timeline does Old Spock come from? Doesn't matter. I'm just saying anything resembling canon is long gone.
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