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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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^ I don't know, a "fondness for souffles" seems like a pretty specific trait.
I didn't say otherwise. I wasn't denying that there are very exact duplications -- same name, same tastes, same personality, etc. (One could even say that a barmaid/governess and entertainment director are broadly similar lines of work.) I was merely saying that I don't think her selves are aware of one another, that these parallels are not conscious but are some kind of cosmic/temporal resonance causing the Oswalds to lead parallel existences.

I'm sure there's already been a mention in the thread of Scaroth from "City of Death." There is already a precedent in the Who-verse for the same individual having multiple incarnations with the same appearance and personality spread across time. Although Scaroth's various selves were aware of each other and working together to achieve reunification. So far, as I said before, it doesn't seem the Oswalds have a similar joint awareness. But the means of her creation could be similar. I liked the suggestion above about her being some byproduct of the cracks in time, or of Amy rebooting the universe.

Although on second thought, the latter possibility is one I'm not so sure I like. I have this idea that maybe Amy subconsciously created a new perfect companion for the Doctor to take her place in the event she left him. Which would make Clara just an extension of Amy in a way. And I'd rather have her story be her own story, not just the continuation of Amy's story. I liked Amy, but the nature of Doctor Who is that companions move on and new ones take their place. It's the novelty and renewal that keeps the series fresh.
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