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Re: Haven: Season Three (Discussion, Spoilers)

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Just caught up on this show, mostly out of curiosity. It's not bad, though not great either. I was expecting it to be a little spookier due to the Stephen King connection.
The Stephen King connection is very loose. Other than the two newspaper guys, a dead body nicknamed "the Colorado kid" and the Gray Gull restaurant, there's nothing else remotely related to the story.

The writing on this show is horrible. If it weren't for the chemistry of the three leads, I don't know if I'd watch. The superpowered city-threatening troubles are insanely stupid and over the top (Emily Rose says she has a love-hate relationship with the "trouble of the week"). There's a lot of potential intrigue in the long term mystery, but so much of it so sloppily thrown together.
I agree, it'd be pretty much worthless if the three leads didn't have such great chemistry. I personally can't stand the "[MacGuffin] of the Week" format that most TV shows follow, and I'm far more invested in the three leads' stories and the mystery than I am in anything else.
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