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Re: More behind-the-scenes views

^ Great idea.

Nimoy: "Sh*t! What the heck's up with my hand? Honest, I had no problem doing it yesterday..."

Shatner: (thinking) Memorize... I... must... memorize... these... lines...
Deforest: "Bill, I can always whisper them to you."
Doohan: "Shhhhh! D, don't give him any guff. It'll break his concentration and we'll never get out of here at a decent hour."

Koenig: (thinking) I really hope Kelly doesn't see that I swapped a few of his lines for myself!

AD: "No Leonard, if you push that button, the doors open. Sheesh, how long have you been on this show?"
Kelly: "Oh great, now we're going to get a whole lecture on the subject."

Shatner: (thinking) I can just see that Emmy in my hand, right now.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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