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Re: I finally saw Grenn Lantern, not as bad as I expected.

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The ring is supposed to find someone without fear.
That's an outdated interpretation, and frankly a rather silly one, since no rational being would be devoid of the capacity for fear. The modern take, ever since the Emerald Dawn miniseries from 1989, is that the rings choose people who have the capacity to overcome fear. Here's an article about the evolution of the concept.
I usually bring up that Peter David Action Comics story which was hilarious. Jordan actually decided that if he was really a man without fear then he didn't need his magic ring to fight his battles. He throws his ring away and walks unarmed into a machine gun toting hostage situation of a human street crime.. Possibly a bank robbery?

The point is that Jordan knew that what he was doing was crazy but he was looking for fear inside of him to stop the crazy because he was sure that without fear that he was crazy, and he really really didn't want to be Crazy.

Yes, I'm still reading new comics.

However my retention for the new stuff is awful.

I like the idea that the Guardians are only looking for crazy people who will die fighting before they figure out that they're pawns and start to Unionise arranging minimum safety standards, coffee breaks and workman's comp. The guardians don't want rational citizen soldiers, they want an obsessively obedient suicide squad, which is why they're replacing the Corps in the here and now, or a little while ago with those cyborgs.

It never sat well with me in the 70s and 80s with how the Corps treated the Guardians literally like gods, even so to potificate them as a expletive in general conversation...


Although I might wonder if that's just the universal translator cleaning up some of the Lanterns gutter talk?

Although "Poozer" slipped through fine.

Kyle was about overcoming fear.

They stole his story.
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