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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Hasbro's cutting back on tooling costs to try to penny pinch. Plus, any figure that's not the Vintage Collection (or whatever will replace the just-cancelled Legacy/Droid Factory line) will have fewer joints and "more play value" for the kids who still buy these things.

The Battle Droid in this set is the one with 5 points of articulation from the MTT Troop Transport, only with blue highlights painted on it. It looks great (I love blue Battle Droid Pilots) but there are no elbow or knee joints on that mold at all. The Obi-Wan has an incredible head sculpt that looks like Ewan McGregor and puts even the Episode I Vintage Collection head sculpt to complete shame, but he has only 5 joints as well (ball-jointed neck, swivel shoulders, swivel hips).

In other words: these look amazing, but unless you leave them in the package or are just going to leave them standing on a desk as a cool decoration you'll probably be disappointed. These things have adult-oriented film accuracy but kid-themed engineering.
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