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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I've been going back through some of my Green Lantern trades, and it's really been making me lament the current state of the GLC book. It's essentially become the Guy Gardner show. While I love Guy, he's not what made GLC so awesome during Tomasi's original run. It was the fact that, while Guy and Kyle took the spotlight, it really was about the whole Corps. Vath and Isamot have only appeared in what are essentially cameos, and not even together. Their unlikely friendship was one of the best elements. Have we even seen Soranik, Arisia, or Sodam since the the New 52? Maybe they don't want to deal with Soranik's relationship with Kyle, since Jade no longer exists. Heck, even Kilowog barely appears. Kilowog! The most popular non-human Lantern there is has barely a bit part in this book. Oh man, I would really like to see a return to the ensemble that made this book awesome. It's really been missing some magic since the New 52.
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