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Well its true that humans need some sort of motivation in their lives (that's the nature of the universe we live in) but some people already find that in the feeling of "a job well done" etc. Perhaps our descendants have found ways of encouraging or directing most of us towards that form of impetus.
Here's a 21st Century example of human hypocrisy/selfishness and greed. Al Gore, Mr. "save the environment," owned a 5,000 square foot home whilst telling the rest of us to watch our carbon footprints - rode on private jets and in limos while telling the rest of us to drive hybrids - and just last week sold Clear Channel to Al Jazeera to avoid the tax consequences of higher taxes on rich folks.

I don't believe humans have - will - or ever will change our general nature because of new gadgets.
Do you have some kind of grudge against Al Gore? Because you've been griping about him in one way or another around here since 2009.
Whether DarthTom does or doesn't is beside the point. Unless a present-day political topic has got some actual relevance to a story point in the movie or to Star Trek generally as it relates to a movie story point under discussion, he can carry it (grudge or no grudge) right out of this forum to somewhere appropriate to topics about Al Gore, Al Jazeera, etc. (i.e., Misc. or TNZ.)
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