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Re: Rank the Doctors

I think this might be the first one of these I've cast my vote. Goes something like this:

1. Tom Baker - First guy I saw in the role, and partly because of that, he'll always be The Doctor to me. He just simply became the character, and it's the stories from that era I look back on most fondly.

2. David Tennant - Funny, I wasn't wild about him at first after having gotten to like Eccleston's Doctor, but then he began to grow in me in the first Cybermen story. I was sorry to see David go.

3. Peter Davison - After PBS ran out of Baker eps, they started in with Davison, and I found myself liking his performance, though I know many people don't. He wasn't as entertaining as Baker, but I still bought into his version of the Doctor.

4. Christopher Eccleston - Pretty much liked him from the start, his offbeat humor reminded me a great deal of Baker's. He was a good choice to kick off the modern version of the show.

5. Jon Pertwee - Though I haven't seen all of the eps from his tenure, the guy was dapper, witty and quite believable as a Time-Lord. One of my goals is to try to watch his shows from the beginning.

6. Patrick Troughton - I've seen even less of Troughton, but I found him to be as likeable as Pertwee. Again, have to see how many DVDs the library has available in their system.

7. Willliam Hartnell - Only saw the Original Doctor once, in the pilot ep, but would like to see more. Cranky, mysterious, he was quite different from all the versions that followed, but I'm sure that for many folks who were there in the beginning, he became very closely associated with the role.

8. Paul McGann - The TV movie was horrible, but McGann himself wasn't bad. It's a shame they couldn't have gotten him to do a regeneration scene into Eccleston for the reboot.

9. Matt Smith - I know he's beloved by millions, but I still have a hard time buying him sometimes. He was a real spaz in the first ten or so eps and granted, he's mellowed a bit, but he's got a ways to go before I rank him higher.

Colin Baker/Sylvester McCoy - Truthfully, I can't really rank these fellows, never having seen any of their stories (McCoy, only in the brief appearance in the FOX movie before turning into McGann). I can't help but wonder if I'd find Colin as annoying as so many others have.

That's my .02 worth, folks! Let's rank the Companions next!

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