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Re: Little Girls or Dagger of the Mind -- which do you like better

Dale, what I'm saying is, there's no way to prove humans OR androids are conscious. Conscious awareness cannot be proven. It can only be believed. You can prove intelligence by giving a Turing Test, but you can't prove conscious awareness.

Korby can ask the REAL captain Kirk if Kirk has conscious awareness. There's no way Jim Kirk can prove it to Korby, either.. NOW, do you understand?? ;o)

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By the same token, could Kirk prove to Korby that HE was not just intelligent, but also conscious? How would he do it?

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Either Korby was too far gone when he made the transfer, or the transfer is imperfect OR he went cookoo waiting on a ship to come by.

1) "I'll hold the Captain prisoner, show him my work and expect him to surreptiously help me build more androids so they can infiltrate society, AND at some point push my agenda for people to project themselves into androids. Then we'll program out everything *I* think is harmful." ...that's a little crazy. Also:

2) Christine said he wouldn't harm a fly. But at the end when everything is falling apart, he gives Andrea a weapon and tells her to go kill whoever is in the outer junction.

Personally I still think the tragic resonance of the ep is "Dr. Korby isn't here. He never was." And we as viewers taking in that all that was left of that civilization is gone now.
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