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Re: Harrison in the Prime Universe

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If he was Mitchell, wouldn't Kirk recognize him?
Why? Kirk went to the Academy three or four years later than he did in the Prime Timeline.
Kirk and Mitchell knew each other in this timeline as well, and Mitchell died. It has been covered in the Ongoing comics, which are supposed to be more or less canon.

And even if they weren't, I doubt that Orci as a creative consultant would have greenlighted the comic if he had such a radically different story in mind for the movie. Even if Mitchell came back from the dead, Kirk WOULD know who he is.

Plus, as near as I can tell from watching both versions of the trailer, there's no evidence showing that Kirk DOESN'T know who Cumberbatch is. Assuming for a moment that he really could be Gary Mitchell, using an assumed name, the reveal of this almost certainly would be Kirk coming face to face with him and realizing that Mitchell had come back from the dead (assuming that two-part comic version of WNMHGB was in fact, backstory to the film).

A lot of speculation, I'll admit, but that was what this thread was all about. There's plenty of room to do that in between now and May 17.
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